Apartments in Dahisar East

Located just inside the city limits, Dahisar is the northernmost neighborhood (and railway station) of Mumbai. Dahisar is the first locality of Mumbai from the north.
The origin of the word 'Dahisar' may be related to the ten Hamlets that made up this neighborhood. "Dahi" stands for "ten" in the language of Agris, Kolis, Warlis and Dublis, the original residents of Dahisar. Gaothan, Kandarpada, Navagaon, Ovaripada, Ghartanpada, Ketkipada, Rawalpada, Dahivali, Bhagalipada, Wadarypada are the ten original Hamlets of Dahisar.
Properties in Dahisar east and west is developing. The property Rates of this location starts from 8000 Sq.ft to 13, 000 Sq.ft. Compare to other locations, and find the property rates low from us. Your budget property in dahisar east, you can check 1bhk, 1.5bhk and 2bhk more properties in here.